Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Isolde at 22 Months

Time for an update on the adventures of Isolde!  At 22 months, she...
  • can count 1, 2, 3, 4, but mostly just to 3.  She obviously hasn't understand the concept of counting for real yet but she's learned the pattern.
  • doesn't say that many completely clear words but some three-word sentences like "ut och gå" (go out for a walk). 
  • has had her first "serious" illness and was precribed antibiotics for an ear infection.
  • hogs the slide together with little friend A at pre-school. 
  • wants us to play the same two songs all the time and she does her standard dance moves.  Gotye's "Somebody that I Used to Know" is the favourite and the other one is Alizée's "J'en ai marre" but Peter says she doesn't like it as much anymore.  But when we play Gotye it's "igen" and "igen" and "igen" (again).
  • likes to draw and does it several times a day.  She had a period of making dots but has now started making circles, which I guess is the first step to figuratives.
  • has an irregular sleeping pattern.  It takes 30 minutes to put her to sleep most nights instead of perhaps 10 minutes before.  And she still wakes up around midnight and it's tiring to get her to go back to sleep in her own bed so she almost always sleeps with us.
  • likes walking to and from pre-school and holding the frame of the pushchair.  I think those that walk when they go to the park with the pre-school group have to hold onto the prams, so she's following the "routine" :)
  • throws little tantrums when she doesn't get what she wants but they are not that bad (yet) - short high-pitch screaming - and you can still talk her out of it quite easily by distracting or giving her something else to do and preferably a choice as well.  She just wants to be in control and make her own choices I guess.  Within safe and sound limits set by us of course.
  • favours daddy but not to the extent that she gets upset when he leaves or that she minds if she and I part from daddy if we're out and about and he's off to another shop or what have you.  But she asks about him a lot when he's at work or with friends and there's a lot "pappa, pappa, pappa".
  • is interested in all body parts and points to every limb and wants us to say what it is; nose, mouth, knee, toe, etc.  And then she tries to say them herself.
  • is a bit more interested in stuffed animals now and sometimes wants to take one or more to bed. 
  • takes off her nappy and wants to run around naked.  But doesn't tell us before she needs to pee even though we try to keep a check on her.
  • says "hej då" (bye) all the time and to everyone and to everything.  Even when she makes sandcakes at the playground, she waves goodbye to them before destroying them.
  • likes to cuddle and kisses and hugs us a lot and she likes sitting close on the sofa or in bed.  She also likes sitting or standing behind me when I sit on the sofa, with me leaning on her.  It's a "game" she wants to play every night.
  • plays at the sink almost every day when we cook dinner and there's always a bit of a puddle of water in the kitchen afterwards.  She loves taking baths and she's started "swimming" with her tummy down in the tub
  • likes being chased around the flat and is starting to play hide-and-seek.  She hid in the space between the bookcase and the corner the other day and I passed by her twice without spotting her.  But now I know her secret hiding place :)


  1. Vad gulligt att hon säger hejdå till och med i sandlådan! :)