Friday, February 01, 2013

Friday Gallery: Addiction

New month and a new Friday Gallery hostess, Annika in Umeå.  Her first theme is addiction*, which I thought I'd illustrate with an interesting development in Isolde's life: she stopped sucking her thumb. 

She started sucking on her index finger on the same hand though so she's not rid of her addiction, but I was surprised to see how fast it happened, almost from one day to the other.  What happened was that she got a cut or a chap on her thumb due to a combination of a constantly wet thumb and very cold weather, and we put cream and a plaster on and told her to suck on the left thumb or a finger instead.  At first she was just trying to remove the plaster but after a day or so she asked for more cream and a new plaster if it had come off (this seemed to coincide with her becoming more conscious - or perhaps this was the cause - of boo-boos and wanting us to blow on the "wound" and comfort her even though she hasn't really got hurt at all) as well as for sympathy for her wounded thumb.  And after two days she started sucking on her right index finger and even though a couple of days later her thumb was fine and she didn't have to wear a plaster anymore, she didn't go back to her thumb, not even in her sleep when you'd think the reflex of putting her thumb in her mouth, something she's been doing since the age of five months, would be the strongest.

So now we have a little finger-sucking girl.  Her dad sucked the same finger when he was little - though with the palm of his hand up while she does it the other way around - so maybe it's genetic ;)

Isolde before...

...and after
It will be interesting to see if it will be as "easy" to get her to stop sucking her thumb or finger altogether.  If we tape all fingers?  Anyway, we're not really going to force her to do that yet but maybe when she's three years old, if she hasn't stopped on her own.  Peter apparently stopped without much difficulty around the age of three so let's hope for that.  That said, they say nowadays that as long as she stops (and the same goes for pacifiers) before she gets her permanent teeth, there shouldn't be too much damage to her teeth.

* I noticed later after I had written my post that it really was "I'm addicted to..." but hope I'm excused for using Isolde's bad habits :)


  1. Nice post! My eldest daughter had a very different idea: she wanted ME to suck her thumb. She'd sit on my lap and tuck the thumb into my mouth. It made me think that perhaps it's nor an oral thing, but a digital...

  2. Skönt att det inte kommer att skada hennes tänder!

  3. Så söt hon är. Och gulligt att hon gör på samma sätt som sin pappa :-)

  4. Tror du kan vara lugn.
    Karolina säg på napp tills hon var fem, och hon hade inga som helst problem med tänderna,
    OCH jag sög på tummen långt upp i åren, inga problem med mina tänder heller.

  5. Karin Englund - Haha, that's funny! You may be right, that it's not necessarily an oral thing but something else.

    Myhrans - Hoppas att det stämmer i alla fall!

    Karin - Det är lite sött. Hon är ju väldigt pappig också och hon är liten i växten som han var när han var liten. Så pappas flicka definitivt :)

    Annika - Jo, så är det nog. En av mina bästa kompisar har så fina tänder (aldrig tandställning) och hon sög på tummen till 7-8 år. Det var säkert bara något man sa förr.