Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter!

We're spending a couple of days at my parents over Easter. We had planned to go yesterday but Isolde had a fever so we postponed until today just to be on the safe side - today she was fine. Tomorrow we're having dinner with Maria and Daniel but otherwise we're just hanging out here, letting Harald bond with his grandparents.

Herring, salmon and eggs were on the menu for lunch today, and lamb for dinner. For dessert I made a fruity cake with a pineapple mousse (pineapple, cream cheese, custard powder and icing sugar) and peach and kiwi filling and whipped cream and strawberries, kiwi, peach and pineapple topping. I bet it will taste even better tomorrow!

Glad påsk!


  1. Happy Easter Anna....and to Isolde Harald and Peter:)

  2. Edina - Hope you had a good Easter!

  3. Glad Påsk! hoppas att ni hade det bra. Det ser mysigt ut!

  4. Nilla - Hoppas ni hade en lika mysig påsk som vi!