Thursday, November 07, 2013

Better Thursday

  • I'm finally feeling better after having developed mastitis, a breast infection, in my right breast. I've had some problems on and off for two months since I started breastfeeding less often, coinciding with me going back to work, but this time it got worse and I couldn't self-treat it. I had similar issues with Isolde after six months (though in my left breast) but never this frequent or bad. I started having a fever and headache (though I had already had a migraine since Saturday morning, which is something I get sometimes but usually not more than once monthly or every other month) on Sunday evening as we were driving back to Belgium from the UK (more on the trip below) and on Monday I had a fever of 39,6 'C. The migraine had gone away (usually lasts 2,5 days) but instead I had a really bad headache and pain in my body, especially in my legs and my neck and shoulders. If it wasn't for my swollen and painful breast I would have been sure it was a reaction from the flu jab from the week before, but I have never had a reaction from a jab before and besides, I don't think it would come four days later. Unfortunately our doctor, which we just listed with, is on holiday this week, and we weren't sure what to do in that situation, but I tried with the other doctor who shares the premises, and he was able to see me at 5pm on the Monday. He prescribed antibiotics and rest and also provided a sick leave certificate, which I need for work from the fourth sick day.
  • I didn't know it then but I would take all week to get better. I still had fever Tuesday, and slight temperature yesterday, Wednesday, and the headache is finally almost gone now, Thursday evening, as is the body pain, though I still feel a bit weak. As for the breast, it wasn't until last night, Wednesday, after two full days of three pills a day plus the first dose on Monday evening, that it started feeling better. Still not normal but not aching or super tender anymore. I've only taken half of the antibiotics so I guess I couldn't really expect it to get better quicker but for a while it felt like "I'm never going to get better!".  I'm going to stay home from work tomorrow too in order to really recuperate. Also now I'm a bit worried about my left breast, which is a bit swollen, but I don't think it's inflamed or infected, rather it's due to infrequent nursing, as one of the cures for the sick breast is to use it as much as possible. One of the reasons for my problem in the first place is exactly this, infrequent breastfeeding, as I only nurse morning and evening.
  • If after this ordeal is over I'm still experiencing problems, I need to seriously consider giving it up. I hope to be able to continue because the milk is still good for Harald and I really enjoy this special time with him, especially since I'm working during the day. He doesn't really like drinking from a bottle so it wouldn't really be the same feeding him porridge or something else in the evening (of course I feed him other stuff, but you know what I mean, while in my arms). So it's important for me, but not important enough to risk my health of course, especially not at the age he is now, almost 9 months. 
  • But despite me having a migraine and coming down with mastitis, we had a really lovely time visiting our dear friends in England last weekend. I was there on a brief visit (literally a few hours) in December last year, but we hadn't been together all of us since Isolde was one and their daughter Imogen was two.  And since then two babies have been born (though I met their youngest Seren in December)!  We stayed at their house, four adults and four children under four, so it was, as in Kim's words "a wonderful kind of madness".  There was a mix of great play, kisses and hugs, fighting over toys and a few tears but mostly laughter and shrieks of joy.  I will post some photos from the visit later but here's a teaser.

  • From this week Isolde is attending full days (08:30-15:30)  at pre-school, though this week is a bit irregular schedule-wise, as Monday she was on leave due to us returning from the UK very late Sunday evening, and Wednesdays are always half-days here.  But Tuesday and Thursday went well, including eating and sleeping, although the first day she hadn't want to sit still at mealtime - must have been exciting for her to be in the big refectory.  She really likes pre-school and every morning when she wakes up, even at the weekend, she ask whether she's going to "skolan"?  Hope it continues that way!
  • Tomorrow Peter's parents are coming to visit for the weekend before they continue to Nice on Monday.  I'm a bit jealous, especially since we didn't get to go this past summer (the strike, if you remember).  Maybe we'll go in the spring at some point, even if for a long weekend or half-week.  We don't have any plans yet for this weekend - I suspect they just want to hang out with the grandkids and eat some nice food.
  • I started watching the BBC series "Ambassadors" - there are only three episodes so far but I hope they will make more!  Highly recommended!

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