Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday Gallery: Windows

My plan was to show my windows and our new (or recycled from our previous homes really) curtains but I didn't get around to take any pictures yet so I had to think of something else. A quick look through my iPhone, which I recently emptied, didn't come up with much but I did find two pictures of the kids (of course) who fit this week's theme.

Harald was looking through the window at Isolde playing with her friend Daniel in the garden last weekend. He was really interested in what they were doing and would have crawled outside if the glass hadn't stopped him. It made me reflect over how amazing the world is to him all the time. He's experiencing new things every day and his big eyes are following his sister wherever she goes and whatever she does. He's almost always happy and hardly ever bored. And even she's picking a fight he's smiling :) 


  1. Det här var ju ett fönster med utmärkt tvåvägskommunikation!
    Kom mig att tänka på den sorten där man kan se bara på ena hållet. Gick en kurs en gång där man hela tiden var iakttagen genom ett sådant. Fast man visste om det glömde man det nästan genast!

  2. Nilla - Visst är de fina allihopa.

    Olgakatt - Vad intressant att de kunde observera er under kursen, det kan ju inte vara en sådan vanlig företeelse på kurs!