Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Getting Close

It's almost midnight and I've just gone to bed here at my parents' place. The children have already been sleeping for a few hours (the big one is taking up most of the bed and kicking my back even though it's just the two of us in a double bed). Peter is spending the night at his parents before the big drive tomorrow. He left early this morning to meet the movers and to make sure the cleaners got in afterwards (he reported this evening that the flat has never been so clean haha). He also took the opportunity to lunch with a few friends and take a long walk along Djurgården. The kids and I meanwhile hung out in my parents' garden and had Maria and Daniel over for a final fika. Otherwise my parents are working so we're on our own during the day, though my dad gets home pretty early every day, around three. Harald has a pretty bad cold so I don't want to venture out much and besides, I don't have his pram here as Peter is taking it with him in the car. We have the BabyBjörn and the Yoyo so we may go to Torekällberget (local petting zoo and open air museum) tomorrow to pass time, we'll see. Isolde has a lot of energy so it would be good to get out. Thursday Malin and little Dexter (and perhaps the rest of her little rascals?) are coming over after lunch and I'm also hoping Helena & kids might stop by briefly. We saw my cousin Henrik and family for dinner on Sunday evening as well - nice to see them again too before we leave. 

It was weird to say bye to Peter this morning. Not that three and a half days are that long (though the last time one of us were away for that long was when I went to London with my mum for four days in December) but next time we'll see each other, it'll be in a new country and in many ways in a new life, or phase of life at least! Exciting but also big! It's now less than two weeks until I start my new job. Yikes!  I've started thinking a lot about it now. I asked my new colleagues for some reading material so will try to get that done this and next week, and I'm meeting them for lunch next week. I'm feeling excited but also a bit nervous. I've also thought a lot about having to leave my little darling Harald and it breaks my heart a little. I know he'll be fine with his dad but I will miss being with him and see him grow every minute. I will need to spend every minute at home in the evenings and on the weekend with him. And of course not forget about Isolde. We need our time together too. I'm also a bit worried about how my breasts will survive in the beginning. Getting Harald to eat solids (well, mostly puréed form) is going slowly and I'm mostly breast-feeding still. I'm not too worried about him, he'll quickly understand that there's nothing else to eat during the day (and we have bought formula too) but I wonder how my breasts will cope! Might be a bit difficult first few days! Might need to bring the pump with me haha!

To be continued on all counts...


  1. Sa spannande! Nu ar det inte langt kvar alls tills ni borjar ert nya liv :-). Jag ar saker pa att allt kommer ga jattebra men jag forstar att du ar nervos och exalterad allt i ett. Kram!

  2. Millan - Tack! Hittills har allt gått bra vilket är skönt! Kram1

    Västmanländskan - Tack så här lite sent omsiders. Kram!