Monday, August 05, 2013

Almost 6 Months

Check-up for Harald today for the first time in over a month. He didn't mind being weighed and measured as usual but was not happy about the vaccination shots. Isolde used to only cry for a few seconds afterwards (and still has a high pain threshold) but Harald was upset for a couple of minutes and cried out again back in the waiting room. He's a little sensitive, our boy, but as we don't see him cry very often "mean mummy" thought it was kind of cute :)  When he got the first set of vaccinations at three months, he had a cold and was miserable overnight but I hope it won't be too bad this time.

It feels like we have a big boy, as he's much bigger than Isolde was at the same age, but he's not that much bigger than average for boys (but girls are generally smaller of course). He weighed 8,340gr and was 67cm today (Isolde was 6,990 and 64 cm at 6 months), which means he's grown taller lately and continues to weigh a little bit over average. The nurse thought his gums were a bit swollen, and it feels like he's been drooling and chewing (and biting when I'm nursing - not allowed!), so he may be teething, we'll see. Next visit is in just 10 days as we want to do the six-month examination with the doctor before we move. Last one was at two months and next one at 12 months (or we'll do it in Belgium), otherwise we just see the nurse for check-ups. 

Getting steadier and steadier

Just love those lashes!



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