Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Isolde at 21 Months

Time for a catch-up on our little rascal!  Isolde...
  • waves her index finger and says "akta" (watch out) and wants us to sing Lilla snigel
  • has also started putting her finger to her mouth and hushing if someone is sleeping or she's going to eat or there's something in the story on one of the children's TV series she's watching where they need to be quite.  I think she must have picked that up at pre-school, as well as the Lilla snigel song because even if we have sung it at home we haven't waved our fingers.
  • has started sleeping with pillow and duvet now (didn't like it at all before) although she still moves around so much in her bed that she, the pillow and the duvet don't always stay in the same place.  Also wants to listen to the music box some friends of ours gave her for her first birthday to fall asleep, but we have to wind it up a few times before she settles in.  She still wakes up around midnight or 1 am and we're too lazy to put her back in her bed so she sleeps with us the rest of the night.  But some nights she doesn't wake until 4 or  5 am. 
  • is talking more and more and tries to repeat words we say, but still it's mostly bla bla.  Even though she says few clear words she has said her first two-word sentence, or three even: "e de?" or "va e de?" (what is that?), which she asks a lot.  If that counts.  It's funny how she sometimes tries to explain something and she looks at you intensely wondering "don't you understand what I'm saying" but usually she gives up instead of getting frustrated.
  • is getting better and better at jigsaw puzzles though sometimes she gets frustrated - or is just lazy - and wants us to fit the pieces.
  • has much more body control than before and can climb almost everywhere and maintains balance in (or most often on) places I didn't think she would.
  • gets to make a lot of every-day choices as it simplifies our lives and means less conflict - and is also good for her development.  This means we give her a choice between for example two shirts to wear or she gets to pick what book we should read.  It's amazing how clear she is in telling us what she wants, from mundane choices such as which of her children's favourites on SVT Play she wants to watch right now, to what she wants to play and eat or do (or us to do).
  • always wants to help out when we're cooking and even if we're just heating somethign in the microwave she thinks she's missing out and drags her chair to the counter so she can see what we're doing and help.  She climbs up and down her Tripp Trapp highchair without difficulties and we removed the rail some time ago.
  • still a major thumb sucker, but it feels like she's dong it a little bit less, but it might just be wishful thinking from my side.
  • really likes pre-school now.  She runs - or almost jumps - inside in the morning and hardly has time to say goodbye.  The only times she wines a little is if we're too slow helping her take off her coat and shoes or put rain gear on if they are starting outside, and she has time to realise I guess that we're leaving.  They call her "Little Sunshine" there so she must be really happy-go-lucky there most of the time.  She eats and sleeps well.  When we pick her up she wants to leave right away though, but she's in happy mood.  It's good to know they get to see her real personality now.
  • likes playing her way of hide-and-seek: she covers her eyes with her hands and because she can't see us, she thinks we can't see her.  And she likes doing the loop in our flat through the hallway, kitchen and our bedroom and back to the hallway, or in the opposite order, and having us chase her, or vice versa, with an element of hiding as well.
  • In her room she plays mostly with her kitchen, builds with Duplo or runs around with my old wooden pram (well, not just in the room but all over the flat).
  • likes washing her mouth and hands after a meal, and her hands when we come home after having played outside, and she's always telling us to put back the towel on its hook afterwards. She's a lot into routine and order now - must be from pre-school or something normal at this age anyway.
  • is very affectionate, more than ever, and wants to hug and kiss and cuddle all the time. It's the best feeling ever when she comes and puts her arms around your neck and gives you a big kiss.
  • tries to dress herself but is usually only successful with wellies and other shoes that are easy to put on.  And she can put hats on and she likes wearing them, which is fortunate now when it's getting chillier.
  • takes off her nappy herself and wants to be "free", however, that doesn't mean she's ready to use the potty unfortunately.  But maybe feeling nappies are uncomfortable is the first step.
  • hides things in the subwoofer next to our sofa all the time.  We thought she had stopped but now we find things inside it all the time.  If something is missing, check the woofer first! :) 
  • weighs about 9.7 lg and I think she's 80 cm tall now.  Her hair is getting really long (but I want her fringe to grow longer before we have it cut) and she has 12 teeth now (four front teeth both in upper and lower and then two molars both up and down).


  1. Stora tjejen! Vad mycket hon kan, och så roligt att hon gillar förskolan nu.
    Så kul att läsa hur hon utvecklas, och jag slås över hur lika barn i den här åldern är. Mycket av det Du skriver stämmer in på Erik också. Han pratar också hela tiden, en del förstår man men inte allt, och om vi inte förstår honom så säger han uppgivet nää, och ger upp. Haha... Han har också börjat hyssja med fingret för munnen när han vill att vi ska vara tysta, eller det är läggdags, eller han leker att han ska sova, ser så gulligt ut!
    Hoppas ni har en fin vecka, och att ni är friska.

  2. Så härligt att läsa om Isolde, hon är snart två år. En typisk liten tvååring som vill hjälpa till ,vara tillags. Det är roligt att läsa att hon trivs på förskolan, kram mamma/mormor

  3. Anki - Jag har läst om Erik också, bara varit dålig på att kommentera men ska komma och göra det. När jag läste hos er tyckte jag också att det var så mycket som stämde in på Isolde.

    Hon hade tyvärr feber nästan hela förra veckan och kunde inte gå till förskolan mån-tors men fredag var hon frisk. Hon hade inga andra symptom så vet inte vad det var för något. Ett tecken på att hon gillar förskolan är att hon gick direkt in och kramade en av pedagogerna - hade väl saknat dem :)


    Mamma/mormor - :)