Tuesday, September 30, 2014

10 Years!!

No, it's not my anniversary with Peter. We've "only" been together for 9 years in November (and married for four). It's my blogoversary!! Yesterday on 29 September - and I forgot about it then even though I thought about last week - it was exactly ten years ago since I posted my first ever post. I only blogged two or three times that autumn and the blog really got going in the spring of 2005, but still, I think it counts. I will need to make some sort of post about what the blog has "lived through" in this decade, both in my life and the world at large. Just think of the people I have met through the blogging community, such as Petchie whom I now consider a very close friend, not just here in Brussels but in general.

I hope for at least another decade of fun and new encounters through Anna, Fair and True!

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