Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Christmas 2012

Here are some pictures from Christmas, better late than never, right!

We started our Christmas celebrations at lunch with Peter's parents and one of Peter's godparents.  Isolde got to open her first Christmas present (from her grandparents, so they didn't need to carry a quite heavy package to Peter's sister where we'd be spending the evening), a old-fashioned race car that has been on her (or mine..?) wish list for a while.  

"Helping" dad put the car together was as much fun as driving it.

Christmas Eve(ning) was spent at Peter's sister A and husband M, who had invited us, Peter's parents, M's parents, M's brother with family, and M's brother's wife's mum and husband, for potluck (we were responsible for herring and shrimp as well as chocolate and toffee for coffee treats) dinner and pressies.  We were 12 adults and three children so the noise was quite high for a while - but somehow the kids slept through it once they had gone to bed.

There were so many presents, probably at least a third of them for the kids, so we put most of the kids' presents aside for the following day.

Santa stopped by of course!

Isolde didn't want to let cousin O. have daddy to herself.

Cousins with an ear fetish...

Snuggly slippers in one of the boxes!

Christmas Day we continued the festivities at my parents.

Morfar and Isolde had fun with the sled for a while.  The next day the weather got milder and the snow started melting so it was good that they took the chance on Christmas Day.

Godmother Maria and Daniel stopped by for glögg and saffron buns and gift exhange.

An attempt to take a nice mother-daughter photo in front of the Christmas tree...

Boxing Day we were back in Stockholm and Isolde played with some of her new toys before we went over to Peter's parents for turkey dinner with his uncle and cousin.

The new Pippi house is popular.

Attempt to get farfar with his two grandchildren to all pose at the same time...ehum...


  1. Kul att se alla bilder! Rolig bild med Peter och Isolde och kusin. Öronen, som sagt :-)
    Trevligt inlägg att läsa!

  2. Annika - Visst är det gulligt. Känns som många barn gillar öron :)