Friday, December 28, 2012

Friday Gallery: Half-Year Report

Västmanländskan's last theme for December and also the last theme of 2012 is the traditional halvårskoll, i.e. six-month "check"/report, this one for the last* six months of the year.

I just made a photo calendar with photos of Isolde so I'll use those as inspiration.

In July Peter was still on parental leave (and took this great photo) and I had a couple of weeks' leave.  We spent a week in Nice, France (with a mini-break across the border to Italy), and had a lovely time but the holiday was a bit different than planned, as I had a lot of morning sickness at that early stage of this pregnancy.  I spent most of the first part of each day in bed trying to eat and getting enough strength to be able to head out and spend the afternoon at the beach. 

In August I had a couple of weeks off work again, which we spent mainly at the summer house, and towards the end of the month Isolde started pre-school/nursery and Peter went back to work after nine months at home.  One of the other highlights of the month was Lady Gaga in Globen.

September was very much a month to get into the new routine of dropping off and picking up at pre-school and getting through Isolde's first bouts of sickness (those pre-school germs, you know!).

Like September, October was a lot of "every-day life" and as I have been quite busy at work all autumn  I accumulated quite a lot of overtime and did at least one overnight business trip in October.  On the other hand I've had a lot of saved leave days so I have been able to take almost every Friday off all autumn.  We spent a couple of weekends at the summer house - where this photo was taken - and also attended the wedding of one of Peter's best friends, on a beautiful but chilly autumn day.

November went quickly despite it being the darkest time of the year (though it doesn't bother me much, I just light candles :)  Peter went to visit a friend (the one who got married the month before) who's currently living in Israel (or Palestine, rather) at the end of the month and I had a few days on my own with our little crazy girl.  It coincided with pre-school being closed for so-called planning days so we spent it with family and friends.  In November Peter and I also celebrated our second wedding anniversary and went to Gastrologik for one of the best meals - or food experiences - I've ever had.

Winter arrived in December and Isolde got to ride to pre-school in a sled instead of a pram, which was very popular.  I spent four days in London with my mum, Christmas shopping and catching up with a friend.  My dear friend Jenny who moved to Brazil at the beginning of the year returned home with partner and daughter to spend December (and January) in Sweden. 

* I think I missed the one in the summer though..?


  1. Mysiga bilder! Den där sista pulkabilden är ju bara för härlig!

  2. Västmanländskan - Det var mysigt med all den där snön men ändå lite skönt när den försvann :) Nu har det mesta ju smält men vi fick lite ny i dagarna. Lite till kan komma och sedan ligga kvar men sedan kan det räcka :)