Thursday, August 02, 2012

Isolde at 18 Months Old

Isolde is approaching 19 months so this 18-month-old post is really overdue.  But for the record...

At 18 months, Isolde...
  • weighed 9,160 gr and was 76 cm tall (or short).
  • displays many kan själv ("I can do it myself") tendencies, especially dressing herself.  A few times she has managed to put her trousers on, almost all the way.
  • is very into Teletubbies and In the Night Garden.  Good thing she'll start pre-school soon and there will be less time for TV temptation. 
  • has had a real daddy period again but if Peter's not home she doesn't seem to care.  Usually she doesn't mind him leaving but starts crying when he comes back - it's kind of cute.
  • has had a major teething period with difficult nights and massive drooling for a week - but the results are unclear?
  • is like a little child now and definitely not a baby anymore.
  • still doesn't talk much but understands a lot and can follow most instructions.  But she says at least 8 (?) words which is apparently something they ask about at the 18-month check-up.
  • has a lot of energy and can't sit still too long at story time. 
  • sometimes does want to sit in her pushchair and hassles herself out of it and climbs into it and sits down when she wants to go out or leave the playground.
  • is very frustrated at times. 
  • still just laughs at us when we tell her no.  We try to look very serious and sometimes she's almost getting it but not quite.  But I've read that laughing is one of their actions when they don't know how else to act.  And they say it's about repetition, repetition, repetition. 
  • is climbing much more than she did before.  She can get up on children's size chairs, the sofa, our glass sofa table, etc. but luckily she's still too short for big furniture but has managed a few chairs as well.
  • likes us helping her to somersaults
  • really likes shoes (ehum, wonder where she gets that...) and especially these little pink sandals from H&M she's been wearing most of the summer.
  • does not like having her teeth brushed at all!
  • likes riding her rocking chair, Bobby Car and tricycle but doesn't reach the pedals on the tricycle so we still need to push her around on that one.
  • likes playing with dolls and teddies and to dress and undress them (well, she tries to)
  • can build a tower with bricks (she hadn't played with bricks that much but she did it without difficult at the 18-month check-up).
  • doesn't have a cuddly toy or a comfort blanket still; she likes her thumb and that's enough it seems.
  • picks at one of our ears when we're putting her to bed or when she's tired and wants to cuddle for a while.  One early morning when we were all asleep in our bed she and I were sleeping close to each other and she was apparently picking at my ear in her sleep.  Peter was going to take a picture but I woke up just then and ruined the photo :-/
  • can run and is getting pretty comfortable walking up and down steps and climbing at the playground though Peter who spends most time with her knows much better what she can do and what she can't and doesn't get as nervous as me.
  • can unlock the iphone and skip to the page with "her" apps (she finds the right group of apps) and she can also find GPlayer on Peter's phone and turn on Teletubbies.  She also knows that Teletubbies at home comes through the computer connected to the TV which has a different remote than the TV.  Modern kids are such techies!
  • doesn't like if her nappy gets too wet and also usually tells us right away if she's done no 2. First step to potty training eventually I hope.
  • can do proper kisses now - she pouts her little mouth and doesn't kiss with a wide open mouth anymore - and she's gives them often at her own initiative.


  1. Härligt att läsa. Jag har inte bloggat någon "rapport" om lille N de senaste två månaderna och har lite dåligt samvete för det.

  2. Västmanländskan - Du kanske för lite dagbok någon annanstans ändå?